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Main objective of our lab is to investigate how plant hormone crosstalk provides plasticity to plant growth and development, and how plant hormones help to integrate and translate external cues into appropriate responses. To reach this goal we apply molecular, genetic, bioinformatics, as well as advanced transcriptomics and metabolomics approaches in order to obtain a comprehensive and elaborate picture of those interactions in selected developmental processes.

Students interested in our work and joining our team are highly welcomed. For further information, please visit our website and get into contact with us.

I'm completely disgusted by these Conference Companies!!! I have just been invited to participate in the 3rd World Congress on Plant Science and Molecular Biology to be held in Lisabon, Portugal, in May 2022. A speaker slot is available for only 820€ w/o accommodation.

Just in case you missed out on something related to roots:


Plant scientist: We have a postdoc position and a phd student position open at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany, to study plasmodesmata structure, function and role in intercellular signalling. Mail ruediger.simon@hhu.de or @simonrdg for inquiries.

Happy to have you back, Adrián 😃https://pollmannlab.com/happy-to-have-adrian-back/

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