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Main objective of our lab is to investigate how plant hormone crosstalk provides plasticity to plant growth and development, and how plant hormones help to integrate and translate external cues into appropriate responses. To reach this goal we apply molecular, genetic, bioinformatics, as well as advanced transcriptomics and metabolomics approaches in order to obtain a comprehensive and elaborate picture of those interactions in selected developmental processes.

Students interested in our work and joining our team are highly welcomed. For further information, please visit our website and get into contact with us.

It is said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day... ✔️ Check...
Note to myself: don't rush between labs 🏃🏼‍♂️

Excited to share our new preprint on the role of CBL7 in plant-microbe interaction. Thanks to all members of the team for their great work and passion. A great shout out to EIG-Concert Japan funding!



@CBGP_Madrid @La_UPM

This is the pinnacle of "wasting time" or putting it on Spanish "tocar huevos"... Getting invited on the 30th of April to a conference that took place on the 27-28th of April. Thanks Mary Grace, thanks Global Scientific Forum LLC and, please, get me off you fu*** mailing list

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