The Crew

I have always believed that you win as part of a team effort. I’ve learned that if everybody does a little bit, it adds up to a lot.
Jim Harbough

New project, new goals, joined forces, one team 

Working in science is a constant struggle to achieve your set goals, define new objectives and standards, and reach new frontiers. This also means that you have to maintain a certain flexibility in order to continually adjust to the necessities indicated by your results. Or to say it with the words of Bill Belichick: “To life in the past is to die in the present”.

Over recent years, our work shifted more and more towards plant stress responses and how plant hormonal regulatory networks are involved in shaping adequate responses. Our work also included plenty of aspects related with plant-microbe interactions, particularly our work on beneficial root-colonising endophytic fungi. 

Our previous studies taught us that a comprehensive analysis of the fungus part is as important as the detailed elucidation of the triggered molecular processes in the host plant. With the aim to increase the impact of our groups, we therefore joined forces with the lab of Begoña Benito to be able to pay the appropriate attention to the microbe side, too. As a team, we obtained a new national project (AuxFine) and we are now actively collaborating in this new endeavour working on the molecular bases of plant-fungus interactions in the root and how this symbiosis can help to render crops more salt resistant.        

Pollmann lab

Benito Casado lab