¿Do Opposites Attract?

Happy New Year Folks

On behalf of the entire Pollmann Lab, I wish you a Prosperous New Year, full of success, health and happiness. To start 2023 well, we would like to share with you our latest manuscript on the crosstalk between auxin and abscisic acid, which is actually part of the thesis of Paloma. we are all really looking forward to her defence in February .

Ortiz-García et al. 2023 Preprints


Plants are constantly exposed to a variety of different environmental stresses, including drought, salinity, and elevated temperatures. These stress cues are assumed to aggravate in the future driven by the global climate change scenario which we are currently experiencing. These stressors have largely detrimental effects on plant growth and development and, therefore, put global food security in jeopardy. For this reason, it is necessary to expand our understanding of the underlying mechanisms by which plants respond to abiotic stresses. Especially boosting our insight into the ways by which plants balance their growth and their defence programs appears to be of paramount importance, as this may lead to novel perspectives that can pave the way to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner. In this review, our aim was to present a detailed overview of different facets of the crosstalk between the antagonistic plant hormones abscisic acid (ABA) and auxin, two phytohormones that are the main drivers of plant stress responses, on the one hand, and plant growth, on the other.