Retrograde impact of auxin in pollen on flower development

Salinas-Grenet, H. et al. 2018 International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Auxin regulates diverse aspects of flower development in plants, such as differentiation of the apical meristem, elongation of the stamen, and maturation of anthers and pollen. It is known that auxin accumulates in pollen, but little information regarding the biological relevance of auxin in this tissue at different times of development is available. In this work, we manipulated the amount of free auxin specifically in developing pollen, using transgenic Arabidopsis lines that express the bacterial indole-3-acetic acid-lysine synthetase (iaaL) gene driven by a collection of pollen-specific promoters. The iaaL gene codes for an indole-3-acetic acid-lysine synthetase that catalyzes the conversion of free auxin into inactive indole-3-acetyl-L-lysine. The transgenic lines showed several abnormalities, including the absence of short stamina, a diminished seed set, aberrant pollen tubes, and perturbations in the synchronization of anther dehiscence and stamina development. This article describes the importance of auxin accumulation in pollen and its role in stamina and anther development.