The Pollmann lab will coordinate a new international project

Another great news to start into the new year, 2017. Today we received confirmation that our international project in the framework of the EIC-CONCERT Japan call has been selected and will be financially supported within the next three years. In the project, the internationally renowned groups of Prof. Pollmann and Prof. Vicente-Carbajosa (both CBGP, Spain), Dr. Krapp (IJPB, France), Prof. Ludwig-Müller (TU Dresden, Germany), Prof. Oelmüller (Uni Jena, Germany), Dr. Sakakibara (RIKEN, Japan), and Dr. Lafarge (BioGEMMA, France) will collaborate to elucidate the molecular mechanism by which the endophytic fungus Piriformaspora indica promotes plant growth under environmental stress conditions.

Improvement of crop yield by enhanced plant performance under stress conditions is an important target under climate change. Based on the finding of the improved plant performance by the infection of endophytic fungus Piriformosopora indica under stress conditions, top plant scientists in multiple research fields collaboratively work in the characterization of the fundamental hormonal regulation of growth promotion, especially on the root growth. Organization and collaboration of research members are highly evaluated and high research impacts were expected.

Feedback of the experts of the Scientific Committee