The team is growing…

We are extremely happy that we were able to welcome two new team members in our group, who joined the lab in the last week. On the one hand, we welcome Paloma back, who will carry on with her work on the role of the negative growth regulators LAUCH1 and LAUCH2, recently identified in our lab

Paloma Ortiz García

On the other hand, we are delighted to welcome José “Pepe” MOYA. Pepe joined our group for a two-year Postdoc coming from the lab of Cristina Ferrandiz at the IBMCP in Valencia. In a collaboration with the lab of Jesús Vicente-Carbajosa, we will pursue a GWAS strategy, trying to use phenotypic and genotypic variation in Arabidopsis to learn more on the role of auxins in seed size control and seed germination.

José Moya Cuevas