Special Issue on Auxin Crosstalk

We are happy to announce that our Special Issue on Auxin Crosstalk is open for submissions in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. All of your valuable contributions are highly welcomed.


Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Decades of intensive scientific work have cemented our knowledge of the fundamental roles of plant hormones. Phytohormones represent signaling compounds that act at sub-micromolar concentrations controlling not only plant growth and development, but also their interactions with the environment. In contrast to animal hormones that mainly work in an isolated manner, plant hormones tend to act in intertwined networks in order to gradually steer adaptive processes.

Auxin is associated with virtually all plant growth processes, including cell elongation, division, and differentiation. It is also a driver of differential growth in response to gravity or light stimuli. Over recent years, our understanding of cellular auxin homeostasis and auxin signaling-related molecular mechanisms has massively improved, but we are still far from having a comprehensive picture of the complex molecular interactions of this pivotal plant hormone. Research published in the last few years has highlighted a plethora of processes that involve the crosstalk of auxin with other plant hormones to, for example, finetune responses to biotic and abiotic stresses. However, there is a great deal more to be learned about auxin crosstalk in plants.

This Special Issue calls for original research, reviews, and perspectives that address the progress and current knowledge in the research on auxin and its intertwined collaboration with other plant hormones.